Who we help

We work with those who are homeless or unemployed. We do this because we have identified these groups as those who are most at risk while living in poverty. While there are links between both, being unemployed has been shown to contribute to homelessness. 


Combatting the ever increasing rise of rough sleepers and homeless in Greater Manchester. This group are particularly venerable when living on the streets or in temporary accommodation.


Focusing on those who are long-term unemployed, we work with those who face challenges with being the furthest away from stable employment and work with them to gain and maintain jobs.

How do we help these groups?

Charity Grants

We distribute grants to charities and social enterprises who work those who are homeless or unemployed. This could be for things like running a series of classes that help people look for work online.

Personal Grants

When approved by a locally registered charity, we distribute personal non-repayable grants to individuals who are most in need of support. Recently this has been for things like socks, hats, or basic mobile phones.