Swap your coffee
& help someone in poverty this winter

We’re all obsessed with coffee, it keeps us perky when we need it most; but what if you could swap your coffee to help someone in poverty?

Launching on #GivingTuesday

How does Coffee Swap work?


Make the decision to go without one coffee and by doing so helping a person or family living in poverty.


Donate the price of your coffee to Pledge at the bottom of this page. Choose either one-off or monthly.


We’ll use your donation to help pay towards things like a hat and gloves for someone who is homeless.

Costa, Starbucks, Caffe Nero, Pret a Manger, and (of course) Greggs are all serving us our much needed fix of coffee. That little cup has some big numbers: 80% of people who visit coffee shops do so at least once a week, while 16% of us visit on a daily basis. All this while drinking 95 million cups per day!

3 reasons to Swap

You can make a massive difference by swapping your coffee, just once. Choosing to swap once coffee every month could have a bigger impact, but we know how much us Brits love our coffee.

Easy Impact

There's no easy way to say you're making a difference than swapping just one of your lovely cups of coffee for someone in need.

Costs Nothing

Well, almost nothing, On a serious note, you won't miss it. Even just swapping one coffee a month won't go amiss.

Caffeine Overload

You probably should cut back anyway; we're just saying 🙂


95 Mill

Cups drank per day


U.K households drink coffee


Spent per year, per person


Average cost of a cup

HOW CAN COFFEE SWAPping HELP people in poverty?

Local, Ethical

We’re one of the good ones. Not only are we local, but we’re ran ethically. Our founder was also once homeless. 

Direct help

We help those living in poverty, especially those who are homeless. We help by providing small non-repayable grants for things like socks, scarves, hats and toiletries.


We publish precisely where and how we spend every donation. At the top of the page, we have a live ‘people helped’ counter. 

Ready to Swap your poison?











Tea, juice, water, beer etc.