Announcement: Pledge Poverty Funds

Pledge is focused on giving others a second chance, a chance to feel human again, we do this by offering small non-repayable grants for people living in poverty. Grants can be used to buy life essentials, such as kettles, toasters and even clean bedding. These staple items make living a little bit easier, which important when you have other things to worry about.

In 2019, we will launch a fund that members of the public can apply to;

  • Bee Equal Poverty Fund: our main fund for those living in Manchester

The first fund has been privately gifted £4,100 by a local well-established business owner.

This fund is a massive step forward in our vision, and it has been the work of almost 12 months, we can finally offer these to Greater Manchester residents.

You can read more about the criteria and application process here.