Join the Pledge #CoffeeSwap and swap your coffee to help someone living in poverty this winter.

More than just numbers. The scale of people living in

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation defines poverty as ‘when your resources are well below your minimum needs.’ As a charity, Pledge is dedicated to reducing the number of people living in poverty. This means ensuring the groups we work with, have all the necessary resources they need to live a long and fulfilling life.

Living in poverty is often a cycle that traps a person from ever breaking free. When your resources are reduced, such as losing a job or becoming homeless, often your needs increase and you’re not able to pay for basics things like food, shelter or education.

"I believe that each person living in poverty should have the same opportunities to thrive as everyone else."
Mylo Kaye

Who is behind the charity?

Mylo Kaye is a living example of how a homeless person can turn their life around. Once homeless, now an entrepreneur, Mylo founded a software company in 2014 and has now dedicated his life to helping others out of poverty with Pledge.

poverty facts

The North West of England saw the biggest percentage increase in rough sleeping since 2016. Combine that with those who live in hostels and sofa surf, the numbers are even higher for those who do not have stable accommodation.

A staggering 14.2 million people live in poverty in the UK, that’s 22% of the entire U.K population that don’t have the most basic income.



Most not being able to heat their home, pay rent, or buy essentials for their children, a total of 52% of single parents in poverty live this way.

* Poverty data: SMC , September 2018